A word on why I created this blog

It’s hard being a plus sized woman in Hong Kong. Hell, it’s hard being a plus sized woman anywhere. Everyday we have pictures of thin, toned, striking women thrust into our faces, people who look immaculate on TV and in magazines. Images that we aspire to emulate, while beating ourselves up about our actual bodies.

But before we throw ourselves an unnecessary pity party … life isn’t a magazine, we all know that. And thank goodness it isn’t – because how boring would that be? We’re all different, but we’re all fabulous.

I want us all to feel like this:


I want to post pictures of myself and write about my clothes because it makes me feel good about myself. I look at the photos and think I look happy, and confident, and attractive. I’d like other women (and men, I’m not exclusive!) to see such celebratory pictures and be inspired to feel good about themselves too. And if you like something I wear, maybe you’ll be inspired to try similar styles and colours and see what works for you. Meanwhile, I’ll do my best to find great places in Hong Kong that stock stylish and flattering plus size clothing for us all to enjoy. 🙂

About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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