A Statement Collar

So here’s what I wore for most of today. It was HOT out (about 33 degrees), hence the sunglasses!


This long and bejeweled vest is absolutely gorgeous, and looks great on a sunny day. I got it just before coming to HK, on sale in Matalan for 6 GBP! I find Matalan to be a bit hit and miss, often their clothes are a tad frumpy or unimaginative, but occasionally you can find some real gems .. like this.

The deep purple colour is just stunning, which is why I’ve paired it with the simple black harem trousers from my previous post. The vest can be a bit baggy when worn loose though: and clothes that are too baggy can make you look bigger than you already are – not always the most flattering look! Sometimes in HK I find it too hot and uncomfortable to wear a belt – especially at school when I’m up and down several staircases up and day – but for just walking around and getting errands done this thin black belt is a perfect way to balance the silhouette. The belt cinches in the excess fabric and gives a really nice hourglass shape to my body, complete with boom chicka wow wow hips!

I’ve worn this with my purple sunglasses (prescription lenses – eyewear in general is just fab in HK. There’s so many colours, styles and varieties to choose from!) a flat pair of black pumps. The beautiful embroidered and sequinned detail on the collar deserves a closer look though …


isn’t that great? Such a strong collar means the rest of our ensemble can be very minimal. I like to wear it with Barry M lippy in shocking pink and it’s a wonderful outfit for cocktails and clubbing in Hong Kong. Or, I keep it casual with skinny fit harems and long loose hair.

About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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