Short Skirts and Sweaters

I’ll admit it: I love short skirts.


I love short skirts. I definitely don’t have the best legs – my sister on the other hand is a 6 ft amazon and has legs that go on for miles – but long skirts make me look unbalanced and dumpy. Besides, if you wear with confidence you can rock anything. Then again, I do err on the side of decency and usually wear leggings with short skirts, and only tights if I’m going out for the night.

About 60% of my skirts come from the H&M basic range. I love those skirts! Cheap, colourful, cheerful, you can wear them with anything, and they’re practically disposable – I have about eight in my wardrobe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stressing over what to wear and just chucked on a H&M black mini and a pretty top: problem solved.

Now, it’s hot in Hong Kong but the air conditioning inside buildings can be fierce. It especially is in my school, where you’re constantly caught between the tundra (inside the staffroom, where you can practically see your own breath) and the rainforest (everywhere else in the school). So a lightweight sweater is an everyday essential. I love the maroon sweater above (also H&M) – it’s light, it’s a lovely colour, and it doesn’t wrinkle easily so I can just sling it into my bag. It also has great three-quarter length sleeves. I think it looks especially good worn with either a shirt with a detailed collar (so the collar can be shown off) or over a dress.

About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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