Flirting with the VBO

I have reading a whole load of plus size blogs recently – mostly to look at the pretty clothes now my own personal style revolution is safely underway – but also to see just how awesome and fierce fellow fatshion bloggers are … and the answer is VERY! I stumbled upon the hashtag #VBO, and with some quick googling I’m up to speed. VBO stands for Visible Belly Outline, like its sister VPL (Visible Pantie Line) … you know when you wear a dress or skirt slightly tighter than usual and you get a little (or large) round bit of tumtum showing – that. That’s visible belly outline.

WELL. This is something I’ve done before in the past unwittingly, only to grimace when I saw a photo taken from an unflattering angle which showed off my poochy tum to all and sundry. And I’d think ‘fuck, what a bad photo .. detag!’ It takes a lot of guts to go out in a dress or skirt knowing you have a vbo, and working it with class and sexiness and attitude like you ought to. Reality is, there are very few people who have the sort of washboard tum that stays flat when standing, moving or especially when sitting. Some of the most gorgeous, stunning, beautiful women I know (and I know a lot, because there’s not much I like more than beautiful women) have tummies that don’t embrace the concave look we see all over the fashion world. Remember all the hoo-ha when Lizzie Miller’s photo appeared in Vogue?


What a beautiful woman she is! Many of us (including moi) have tummies a lot bigger than this, but should we be afraid of showing them off? Hell no! That’s why today I’m embracing the vbo, rather than being ashamed of it showing. Do the same with yours!


This is what I’m wearing today – my dream pencil skirt (borrowed, ahem sorry stolen) from my sister. I call it my dream pencil skirt because I have trouble buying pencil skirts that are the right length to flatter my (very small) height. It’s from River Island (my sister used to work there, so she got it for discount … lucky) with an elasticated waistband, double lining and crocheted wool overskirt which you can’t see on the picture but is beautifully made. The material and double lining of the skirt means it is more supportive than some of the thin, unflattering pencil skirts I’ve tried on in other shops. It feels sturdy and figure-hugging – and that’s why I feel particularly sexy when wearing it … it forces me to walk like Marilyn in Some Like it Hot!! “it’s like jello … on springs”, hah.
In this skirt you do get an amazing shape to your arse, as demonstrated here:


As my sister is so fond of saying, we Carters come from a line of “asses that just don’t quit!”

The top is also quite lovely, but purchased a long time ago when I still shopped at Oasis (which is now defunct, I think). Actually, I remember buying two of these tops because I loved the cut and fit of them so much; the other was a gorgeous cobalt blue colour but this summer it had to go to the great washing basket in the sky, since my local HK Laundromat had shrunk it beyond recognition 😦

The detail on the bustline of this top (shown better in some of the photos) immediately draws the eye, while the flowing fit, and especially the cape-like cap sleeves are very flattering on bigger arms. The colour contrasts superbly with the dark pencil skirt, and I think it looks smart but sexy. And this is my vbo, in side profile (the shots I always used to dread in the aftermaths of parties, pub gatherings etc. when I was wearing fierce but tight outfits)


Now, finally I feel comfortable with shots like these and won’t immediately grimace when I see my vbo. Maybe I’m not quite brave enough to work it in anything uber-tight and loud, like I’ve seen some very fierce fatshion bloggers have done – kudos, ladies! – but I’m getting there … my vbo lives to fight another day 😉


About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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