The Naked Truth

Well, have I been a busy blogger today! In fact, I would go as far as to say that today has been one of the most important days so far for me, and my body.

This started as a fashion blog, but after reading a lot of other plus sized blogs (some obsessively – god, there are some funny fat females out there!) the body confidence that shone through from their writings was so inspiring that I decided to take a good hard look at myself, sans clothing, and really get to know the body that was mine. We spend so long punishing our bodies for not living up to the ‘ideal’, that often we fall completely out of touch with the bodies we actually have.


Well, I took a lot of photos (none of which I’m going to post here … not yet, anyway) and then sat down to review what I’d learnt about my body. There was notable progression in the photos (and my god I took loads – I kind of became addicted) – in the first few I looked contemplative, uncomfortable, even miserable. But then, between taking the photos, I started to enjoy myself. After flicking through a few shots I wanted to take more, and more – I was smiling, laughing, posing, glowing. And the more I looked at the photos, the more I noticed the good things, the really beautiful things about my body. I realized that, actually, I’m not the shapeless blob I sometimes regress back to thinking I am and hiding in sack-like tent dresses. I’m actually very shapely, with a small waist and big hips, and I can do more to emphasise that.

I wrote earlier today about the vbo (visible belly outline) – and when you’re naked, that belly roll has nowhere to hide. Like many women, that’s always been the part of my body I’ve felt most insecure about and tried desperately to cover up. Looking at the photos, I saw that my tummy isn’t as sticky-outy as I had always imagined in my head it was; and even if it had been, or bigger, it still wouldn’t have been the thing to draw my eye first. In fact, I started thinking that actually the shape of my tummy is quite nice – it looks soft and feminine and fertile and cuddly and wonderful. It complements my rounded, hourglass shape, rather than distracting from it. And it’s not like it’s going away anytime soon!

Appreciating the shape of my stomach rather than hating it is pretty ground-breaking for me. And realizing that I look good naked – actually, scratch that, I look really fucking good naked – like my boyfriends and girlfriends have always told me and I’ve rejected outright, is not only cathartic but really empowering. The next time I get naked with someone new I’m going to remember those photos and how good I looked and how confident I felt and the big smile across my face.

Your body is a prize and a treasure and should be treated as such. Don’t insult it, don’t abuse it and don’t pretend it isn’t there. I think if we get to know our bodies, and find things we love about them, that’s one more small step on the path to a positive self-image. Love your body, love yourself.

Here are five things I love about my body:
1. My hair – it’s gorgeous.
2. My breasts. No explanation needed.
3. The curve and shape of my hips, they make me feel like a woman and I bet they’ll be great for child-bearing later
4. My eyes – too long hidden behind glasses, I’m embracing contacts and letting my eyes be shown off – and why not? They’re beautiful!
5. My ludicrously small hands that make me feel delicate, even when the rest of my body protests, hah.

What five things (or more!! do more! REALLY love your body!) do you love about your body? I would be very interested to know.


About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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