Sunshine and Sunglasses in Scandinavia

Wearing sunglasses is something of a novelty for me.

I’ve worn glasses since I was about nine years old, and so I couldn’t wear sunglasses unless they were expensive prescription lenses, or worn ridiculously over my normal glasses like some weird four-eyed wonder.

So, you may be able to imagine my bafflement, and indeed my wonder, when I returned to wearing contact lenses this summer for the first time since I was 15 and suddenly the whole plethora of sunglasses was mine to choose from. I spent a lot of time umming and ahhing over various pairs, and this summer so far I’ve lived in three different pairs. I expect my collection to grow massively in Hong Kong as I scour the Ladies Market for rip off aviators and cheap Ray Bans, but for now, these are the sunglasses that saw Scandinavia with me.

First, my prescription pair. I bought these in Hong Kong from a wonderful optical boutique called Egg just off Nathan Road, for the princely sum of 1000 HKD (about 80 GBP). This is a lot for me to spend, but I figured it’d be worth investing the money as my eyes are so bad and I remember fervently wishing last summer that I had sunglasses against the blinding light of the HK sun. I like large framed sunglasses in particular – everyone looks good in big sunglasses. They just do. Big sunglasses = instant glamour.
Especially if you’re disembarking from an aeroplane / bus / motorboat.


Here’s me in Bruges with a beer as big as my head.

Now I have some pale grey (though they look white in the photos) retro-shaped sunglasses that I absolutely adore. Wearing them and a little dress I feel like I’ve stepped straight off a beach from the 1950s. I bought them for 3.50 GBP in Asda (Asda!!) and haven’t stopped wearing them since. This is me and my sister (also an avid sunglasses-wearer), chilling on an open top bus somewhere in Europe.



Those sunglasses plus lovely morning sun plus the gorgeous cathedral of Helsinki = happy sightseeing and Stephanie.

Finally, my favourite favourite pair of the year so far and the ones I literally haven’t been able to detach from my retinas are this oversized tortoise-shell pair from the depths of Primark. They were only 2 pounds. 2 whole British pounds! I miss Primark when I’m in Hong Kong. I love these sunglasses. They’re tinted yellowish and every time I look at my arms I think I’m tanning nicely in the sun, until I take them off and realize no, I’m still a pasty white British milk bottle.


Sunglasses selfie!! I took this photo in Copenhagen. They were my Danish sunglasses of choice. And this final sunglasses self-portrait is with my sister again, who is also wearing a rather lovely pair of tortoise shell sunglasses. We had fun. I now consider myself a rightful member of the sunglasses club. It’s a good job it’s so sunny in Hong Kong, because I doubt I’d get much of a chance to wear them all in the UK!


About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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