Body Love

So I just bought this top today, because it pretty much summarises how I feel about this blog, my body and all other gorgeous female bodies! Love is all around!


Body love. We struggle with it, don’t we? We’re constantly told to improve our bodies with exercise, restricted eating, the newest diet or a quick pharmaceutical fix. By constantly striving to improve, we infer to ourselves and others around us that we’re not happy with the body we currently have. Your body lacks love! It’s always being told what it should do, how it should look, and is never appreciated for its natural, beautiful shape. Bodies don’t deserve punishment – they’re miracles. Your body keeps you standing, breathing, functioning, working, dancing, smiling – so why not give it some love today?


I like to give my body love by:
– telling myself I look beautiful and focusing on things I really like today – looking into the mirror and saying ‘Steph, your hair looks great today!’ – it might make me sound a bit crazy, but it’s a real self esteem booster and starts your day off with a smile.
– pampering myself. In Hong Kong I really REALLY missed having a long soak in a hot bath, so in my time at home I’ve had many lovely steamy soaks. Just like Sylvia Plath, nothing makes me feel quite myself more than a hot bath.
– manicures, pedicures, new make-up/cosmetics/nail varnishes – self explanatory really!

Of course, buying clothes that you love is a sure-fire way of giving your body love. This top is from George at Asda, and at only 8 GBP it’s a real steal given that I know I’ll be wearing it a lot this summer. It’s perfect for HK life – comfy, casual, oversized but easily sexed up with skinny trousers and lipstick, it can be left loose with leggings or tied at the bottom into a crop top. It’s good for school, as it shows no cleavage or tattooed shoulder. It looks super cool and just a little bit hipster BUT best of all, it promotes LOVE.

And to quote a very sexy rock and roll God (it’s Bruce Springsteen…) “let love build a bridge.” Start building bridges with your body today, you wonderful people!


About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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1 Response to Body Love

  1. Helen says:

    Hi! Really like your blog. It would be cool to chat. I do a blog series which your blog would be an awesome addition to. Give me a shout on twitter and we can discuss?

    @every1sparkles (twitter)

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