Keep Calm and Eat Cake (In Krakow)

Dzien dobry, as they say in Poland, darlings … I’m back in the UK – albeit briefly – before returning to Hong Kong in a weeks time. My week long sojourn really deserves more than one blog post, but I’ll try and get as much of it in as possible! Oh and this isn’t really a fashion-orientated post, more just general info about my holiday and lots of pics of me stuffing my face. #REALTALK

So, I went to Krakow, Poland with my best friend from university, Lara and her fiancé Shannon. Krakow is very small, so by Saturday afternoon (we arrived Friday night) we’d pretty much run out of things to do and sights to see. Basically there was nothing left for us to do but sit on the beautiful square, drink lots of lovely Polish beer and eat a lot of great food … really hard work, in all honesty. Days were spent lounging, people watching, pissing off living statues, climbing over monuments and stopping every thirty minutes or so for a beer or a cake. It was heavenly.

I’d had to pack clothes sparingly, as I was also spending three days in London in the same trip and needed clothes that were flexible and could be worn lots no matter what the weather. I took a couple of evening dresses, my trusty burgundy sweater and a few other well loved essential tops and skirts in a big bag and set off for an adventure. Here’s me and my friend Lara posing with a bronzed hunk of living statue:


There was one lovely sunny day where the new green sunglasses were given a Polish outing. I teamed them in a hipster-ish look with my oversized ‘love’ t-shirt, a simple black H&M skirt, my acid yellow bag and my favourite carpet-patterned brogues (but more about those later). Lara and I posed and ran about the gorgeous cobbled streets, topping up our tans and generally showing each other a lot of loving:


Krakow’s famous for a couple of things. The first is Pope John Paul II – what a guy! he’s everywhere in Poland, he’s like their prodigal son – and you can see many monuments and dedications to him within Krakow’s architecture. We visited the famous ‘Pope’s Window’ – sadly no Pope there on that day, but sadly refrained from taking a tour called ‘Following the footsteps of John Paul II’, despite my deep wish to go because I proper love papal history. Did you know that the office of Pope is the most dangerous office (spiritual or secular) in Europe? There’ve been more attempted assassinations on various Popes than there have been on Kings and Queens – cool, no? Here’s me appreciating the legacy and fine form of Pope John Paul II:


As you can see I’m wearing my trusty favourite, the burgundy H&M sweater (it crops up a LOT in these photos – I was expecting Polish sun, and I got Polish drizzle!) and my bright blue peplum skirt from Cotton On in HK which I just LOVE. It goes with all things. All things.

Another thing Poland is rightly famous for is the fabulous food, and we managed to sample an awful lot of it in the few days that we were there. Like any self respecting fat girl, I tucked in heartily to the cakes on offer, and they were like mini orgasms of the mouth. So much so that there were a plenitude of pictures of me with cake to choose from, haha! Here are some of the best:




Another thing Poland is famous for is the wonderful wonderful alcohol – especially the vodka! Our hotel was situated near a tiny, intimate ‘Vodka Cafe’ which served cheap shots of different flavoured vodkas. We loved sampling them before our dinner – we tried hazelnut, burnt sugar, cherry and my favourite – lime flavoured vodkas and they were just great.
This is me and some complementary cherry flavoured vodka I received because my food was a few minutes late … yummy!


On our last night Lara and I dressed up in our nice frocks and we went for a posh dinner on the square. On route we stopped at the Vodka Café for an aperitif – and later we had more vodka while we sat in the square, at midnight, next to a cosy little heater and watched the world go by.



It was an indulgent few days, what can I say?? Poland is a place of great food and drink, and it seems rude not to sample as much of it as possible, especially when the service is also so good and the alcohol so cheap! I had a fabulous time and it helped me to reconnect with two of my dearest friends and to share in their happiness together too, as they recently got engaged! So happy for them! I’ll miss Lara and Shannon when I’m in Hong Kong, but we’ve already made plans to see each other in Amsterdam when we go for another mini city break next summer! I can’t wait …

In the mean time, the message of this post is I suppose to enjoy yourself when you can! Even if you’re not happy with your weight, why beat yourself up about it when you’re on holiday? Holidays are meant to be times for indulgences – trying new food, having unexpected discoveries and most of all, doing what YOU want to do – take the pressure off, ease up and put your feet up. Enjoy the sun. Speak to the locals. Soak up the culture, and have a great time if you’re going away this summer!


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  1. it’s ‘Dzien dobry’, but I’m really surprised you tried! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip 🙂

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