Curves Around the World #9 – Date Night


Readers, dear readers, I am SO EXCITED to be starting such a great project today – welcome to Curves Around the World (Steph Carter edition!!) Together with many other lovely curvaceous ladies from around the globe, we will be posting outfits based on a pre-determined theme every Wednesday! If you’ve got an international plus size blog yourself why not give us a shout? You’d be a great addition to our team …

So, for my first CATW post, the theme is …. DATE NIGHT.

Hmm, dates. And night time. Two of my favourite things … especially when alcohol is involved. About 18 months ago I was in a bit of a wild child phase after a bad break up, and I pretty much went on a different date every night (rebound much?) … so clothes and the way I looked and felt were huge. You don’t want to be running around 15 minutes before your date with a ladder in your tights, worrying that you feel chunky or your shoes don’t match or your lipstick is smeared (which is essentially me before every night out). You want to feel confident … comfortable … sexy – but most of all, your outfit should reflect YOU.

So, this is what I’ve clobbered together, and what I’ve worn on a date before. This blue dress is at least three years old and it was originally my sisters.


This blue dress makes me feel both comfortable and sexy. It’s made of stretchy viscose and nylon so it isn’t unforgiving, but it fits snugly and slinkily on my hips and bottom, which makes me feel womanly and sexy. The material is thick and clingy, and the shape of the dress plays well into the current sports luxe trend, especially as it has racer-esque straps. There is additional ruching over the stomach to disguise any rounded tummies, and there are deep, lovely pockets at the sides which work amazingly well when posing, haha:


Here’s a close up of the ruching detail around the bust and stomach:


I’d wear this dress for date night because I feel great in it – the colour works so nicely with my red hair, it’s easy to either dress up (with bright make-up, tights and heels) or dress down (with leggings, flats and a cute cardigan) depending on the situation. If you’re sitting down to eat you don’t need to worry about an exposed muffin top, and it’s just the right length between prim and too much leg. It looks great on an hourglass silhouette too!


I paired this dress with a relaxed grey Hello Kitty cardigan that my flatmate was going to give to charity last year – by dressing it down, the outfit is a bit more casual and relaxed: I think it says that I’m fun to be around. Make-up wise, I paired the dress with dark eyes (which I always wear, so no change there) and a hot pink Barry M lipstick. I love this colour lippy anytime, ever since I saw one of my best friends just casually wearing it out to the pub and rocking it and decided I’d be as free as that with my lipstick choices! Plus I think hot pink looks great when contrasted with shades of blue.


Date night: dates can be a lot of pressure, but I’m firmly of the opinion that it’s more important that your inner beauty shows through. Cliché I know, but if you look relaxed and happy, and you’re a good conversationalist, those things will make an excellent impression. And ladies, you should think to yourself pre-date: I am FABULOUS. This person is LUCKY to be going on a date with ME. Fucking hell, I would LOVE to date ME. And then give yourself a cheeky wink: you will look like a wanker but you will feel great … and that’s what’s important!


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Love xx

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Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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6 Responses to Curves Around the World #9 – Date Night

  1. Love the colour of your dress!! Gorgeous! Make up looks wonderful!! :))

  2. Bine Button says:

    Girl you got curves! You look amazballs 🙂

    Have a wonderful week
    ♥ Bine

  3. Thulie says:

    love your dress, especially that it has those pockets and rutching around the tummy – it really is forgiving. great post Steph 🙂

  4. Helen says:

    Love that colour on you and you are rocking that dress. Your figure looks amazing!!

  5. Nina says:

    Steph what a great first post, the dress is wonderful on you and it fits you really well. Dang I want a dress like that! hehe But yeah not only does it look great on you, I can tell you feel great in it as well! Oh and your advice at the end is great, I love it! 🙂


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