Amen for Divas

I spent the majority of last night drinking vodka, lime and sodas, sitting on a squashy sofa and talking to my best gay friends about women’s rights and plus size clothing. It was great.

I also posed in this GREAT photo with my friend Tom, proving that we are fierce and fashionable and well worthy of the term ‘DIVA’!


The reason I keep using the word diva is because last night was a special ‘Diva Night’ at one of our local clubs in Newcastle, and the last time I’d be in town with my sister and my best friends. So something of a bittersweet night – but we had a lot of fun. I was quite inebriated when I posed for this stunner, but I love my fierce diva outfit.

This black fringed top is an absolute show stopper, and I really don’t wear it enough. I bought it from Primark a long time ago when fringing was IN (what am I saying, fringing is ALWAYS in!) and I love the way it sways and moves when I walk. It’s sleeveless and low cut so shows quite a lot of flesh, but I don’t feel too self-conscious in it. I pared the top down with a simple black and white spotty skirt from the H&M Basics range and black leggings from George at Asda.

As is fitting for diva night, my hair and make-up were a bit outrageous. I wore my hair half up and half down, with plenty of hairspray and backcombing. My eye makeup was big and bold with thick black winged eyeliner and a lime green eye shadow on my upper lid, then bright yellow eye shadow under my eyes. I’ve never been afraid to wear a bold eye makeup look – years of wearing glasses has led me to apply a lot of eye makeup so you can actually see it behind the specs, and this is a habit I haven’t quite kicked when wearing contact lenses. I felt great though!


I had a fab time catching up with my best friends in our fierce and increasingly incomprehensible catch up, which focused on plus size fashion and how much I was enjoying writing this blog. From what I can remember from this drunken discussion, we agreed on many fundamentals: that women’s magazines are the antichrist (but we can’t stop ourselves from buying them), that plus size women are fabulous (naturally) and that it’s about time that the world realized that many of us are happy with the way we look.

A lot of articles dispute this fact. They argue that fat women, overweight women, women who aren’t conventionally pretty – that these women can’t POSSIBLY be happy. Oh no, they say – change this, do that – then you’ll be happy! It’s a vicious hamster wheel of self improvement and I’m quite happy to step off it.
I’ve been told “you always look so good … for a big girl”. That pause and then additional validation in the context of being bigger than average is maddening as hell. Maybe I don’t look good DESPITE my size – maybe I’m helped along on that fickle path of attractiveness BECAUSE of it!

I find the pressure to constantly self-improve my image very wearing. In my professional life I always aim to self improve, to learn more, to push myself and do the best I can: I’m an avid bookworm, I try and be the best I can be at my job, I lead a busy, vibrant, globe-trotting life which I love. When most things are so right, and I should be congratulating myself on being such a stand-up lass – why am I being battered by the criticism of the media and the big wide world of beauty? It’s like your personal and professional achievements aren’t really worth anything unless you’re thin too. What a load of bullshit that is – how outdated, restrictive, absurd and unfair it is. We should be making moves to change this way of thinking – and we are doing so in leaps and bounds through plus size blogging, modelling, clothes-making and conversation.

Keep the conversation going.

Diva love xx

About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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