Character Assassination

She is
a liar, and thats the least of it
an emotional hoarder
Wrapping the worst of her ‘woe is me’ injustices
in tissue paper for another day
wilfully astray, a rule breaker – supposedly
reaching for the razor, then
the ashtray. Oh honestly

she is
a compulsive little stealer
crappy small-talker. Over-thinker
crazy for a rush in a life
thats beginning to spoil, at the edges
dredging up past histories
for exploitation in polite company

She is
grandiose and nosy in the worst way
melodramatic, okay
but we’ve all seen the scars. There’s a difference between feigning sadness for the camera
and those who lived it
(and don’t go on about it)

there she goes again, she’s a storyteller
laying out her miseries for the world and his wife to see
how can anybody take her seriously?
I already told you, she’s a liar
and a gratifyingly good one.

She is
neurotic, despotic
a regular Esther Greenwood
minus talent
not quite OCD but we all know
not quite on it
a naysayer, plagiarist and pretender
and oh so self aware
with her crying jags and poetry
turning her grief into glory
oh how painful, to be
lost at sea and looking for happiness
just over that green hill.

He is
a little boy lost. Wrapped up
and hungry for his mama
tightroping between
stand offish and not giving a shit
one bit. Cold fish.
Another pretender, a biannual joke-teller
sculpted and serious
Nihilist, whose every look tells you
you’re wasting your time
move on

She is
not as funny as she thinks she is,
and this is
not as truthful as it could be
but honestly
she told you she was a liar.

About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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