How To Stop Thinking

Turn turn turn turn turn
that light inside your head to a dimmer
go outside and don’t internalise

you are a pretty distraction
and honey, I need distracting

if I could strip off my skin and step out
like I was shedding a coat they’d all see
that I am running the equal of any pretty mediocre sprinter, Kenya cannot tread the track as fast as
the furious paddler pushing cars together in the deepest darkest outtakes of my dumbest darkest mind
crash time. even runners need to know
how to stop without
burning their soles

screeching cliche halt
I write as the bus moves I am his equal too in speed and
I can take his passengers and they needn’t even pay to ride on me
Hong Kong is dark but
my brilliance will light the path for my pitchfork-bearing followers come like so many beautiful moths to
smack smack smack against me

I am all ego ergo I am
almost enemy – punctuate for me no-one will read this anyway
just see, on a two by two screen all you’ll read is
I might as well have spat. I’ll do so anyway, okay?

I think I might be a genius but even a fool can think himself a king
I am the pin and you, you stupid, clever fruitcake fool
have pulled the pin on my grenade and with a boom and a bang we will all

About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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