Honest Female Poets (Will Change the World)

You know female poets
they count upon their forms for words
snow-angels. Formerly pure and white and transient, I
flattened myself, here on the page;

In the spoken word there are the things
I don’t say like a halo around my head

but my brand is
honesty and honestly? My identity has changed

Now I will be
the girl who has been assaulted, full stop
not the poetess. Not the Lo See
and it makes me so angry I could
bite my tongue until it bleeds

but I can’t be
self-censoring. I didn’t with my
mood swings and I got applauded
for my bravery (as if with self
destruction came boldness)

I didn’t with the guys that came like
dogs, to Salome’s bed. I didn’t with

my love.

And they might say
you’re not pretty enough to be raped –

and you shouldn’t use that word because
it puts you in a box. Haves and I have nots but

why not? There is no grey. There is no
room for
white-washing in my art.
There is no use for a self-portrait

half wiped away. In the cold light of
fifty years and exam boards and
young girls and old women
and men who say they’re men, and
nice guys

and every single humanoid who finds
Art in the dark places
honesty is the best policy and if I
whipped away the truth
like a clownsters carpet – “but decency!
Self-preservation!” (yep, we sacrifice those

for Art) –

I might as well
stop writing but why would I deprive

the world of words that will change it?

About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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