There is a moment

There is a moment
When your idle daytime dreams change from
I could marry this man to
I will marry this man and you feel
Your heart in your mouth but you’re comfortable with it’s weight. This is what you’ve pledged to and it’s okay, it’s more than okay

There is a moment
That flickers like a sigh and pushes like a soft hand on your chest
Saying it doesn’t matter now, that
You weren’t the lottery for numbers
One through three,

He had your number. It was always meant to be. There is a moment
When you are glad, finally
To be the person you have turned out to be because it is this

Authenticity that is drawing love like hands draw time – not the mirage you thought you had to be, not the

Unfaithful design. He says
I love you because you don’t see the quality in yourself and I know I’ve always been good with words but there is no lexicon large and sharp-edged enough to cover love

Like it covers me. It is
Like your favourite song. It is like being warm and your favourite song is playing on a loop
Over and over. They say maybe over time those words that once inspired start to prick
Like little digs – long-term that
Even astronomers get sick of the sight of stars in the sky

They could be right. But I have not yet broken down nights into good and could be better
He says if I passed away and there was another life waiting, I would choose you again and

I think English is not your first language but there is no one who has said love better.
Love is a fall in the dark on the stairs and we are both clumsy enough to have fallen in tandem
We will stare at the ceiling and laugh til our bellies are sore and I think I will throw up from the glow of it all

There is a moment when you think
this rap is self-indulgent and how dare you think the delight that
Colours your words and seeps into your life like a sponge is destined only for you when other couples have it too. They say nothing is yours alone

But it is, it is. And all of this
All of this, this life that you have been given, that you have waged war upon before for being so flat and disappointing, is peaking and you are worrying it away

moment by moment. There will be thousands of moments.

We need love. Love is waking up knowing you are not alone and if you were dead people would cry for you. Love is worth it’s weight in gold and I will not listen to those that say nothing lasts forever, well, gold does.

About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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