We’ve been taught to expect it

We’ve been taught to expect it,
Being women

Don’t walk home alone. It’s your shoes, your dress

But I never wore heels and it happened to me. We’ve been taught

To expect it – they say cat calls are as natural as mating calls, an abc

Don’t encourage it. Don’t let on, don’t let
The man on the subway with his
Dick out ruin your holiday because

Men are men. Look the other way,
Or later laugh and tell your girlfriends
Over mimosas, like a third rate sex and the city movie
You’ll never believe what happened to me! and it was tiny!

We’ve been taught to expect it.
If we tell them, Our male friends roundly apologise, or they laugh and say

There sure are some pricks
In the world. If it happens again,
We’ll get him for you. They crack their knuckles and we

Laugh and agree
But we’ve been taught to expect that
safety is relative. Watch your drinks,

Watch your purse, but most of all
Watch yourself, like a hawk

female common sense rules our mothers and their mothers taught us to expect, taught us to engrain in
Our daughters like a drum-beat, never

Tits and legs together
Never too much to drink,
Go home in a group, avoid
Alleyways at all costs and definitely walk away from dark strangers
Or lairy men
Or handsome men
Or any men, at all

We were taught to expect
That some men would be dicks. It’s a real spanner in the works then
When the lovely,
Courteous man who hasn’t put a foot wrong all night

The kind of man your nan would say ‘he’s alright’ about

fucks you when he said he wouldn’t and then expects you
To spend the night. I was taught to

Expect that we women were so adept at sniffing out trouble,
That we’d spot a flasher from fifty paces, so fine-tuned we were at

Recognising perverts and sexist pigs and chauvinists and would-be rapists, so well-versed

In Men to Avoid 101. Turns out
I was wrong, and the way I was dressed

Had absolutely nothing to do with it.

About fiercemissc

Twenty-something Geordie girl living and working in Hong Kong. Young, free and single and making the most of it.
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